Pomona Park Papillon Studs

Preston Bandit Corkey
With over 20 years of breeding experience Circle Farms has a proven track record as a breeder of integrity that truly cares about its puppies as much as the clients who purchase them. Great care is taken to breed the finest quality puppies as family pets.Matching the appropriate dog with the most suitable owner is just as essential as the friendly follow-up service provided, after a puppy is brought home. AKC and CKC accredited. Circle Farm puppies are vaccinated and de-wormed; ready to become a happy member of your family in the Pomona Park, Orlando, St Petersburg region.


The Papillon is a ‘toy’ bred spaniel, and ideal as a single pet for seniors and older children, but most likely too delicate for the rambunctiousness of younger toddlers. Often referred to as a ‘therapy’ dog, the Papillon radiates love and goodwill. A popular choice among dog lovers, this breed has a life expectancy of 13 – 16 years and weighs 9 lbs. at its maximum when full grown.


  • Excellent temperament – often used as a therapy dog
  • Energetic and active
  • Easy to train
  • Extremely cute appearance
  • Adapts well to new settings
  • Easy to take along for travel and outings
  • Low to moderate exercise requirement (ideal for physically challenged owners)
With small litters, and always in high demand, Circle Farms is pleased to offer the Papillon as one of its finest breeds, sure to become a cherished pet to virtually any owner. Residents of the Pomona Park, Orlando, St Petersburg are welcome to visit and all email inquiries will be answered promptly.