Florida Papillon Breeder

If you are looking for a new member to add to your family the Papillon is the perfect choice. Since the Papillon lives well into their teens, they will become a long-lived addition to your home. The Papillon is a ‘toy’ bred spaniel and is ideal as a single pet for seniors, physically challenged owners, or families with older children. And while these breeds have a rambunctious and high-strung reputation, they also have a gentle and calm side. They are extremely receptive to the temperament of their master – there is nothing more satisfying than curling up with your loyal pal at the end of the day to relax or watch television. Commonly talked about as a “therapy dog,” the Papillon has become a regular in nursing homes, schools, and hospitals throughout Pomona Park.

An adult Papillon usual weighs between five to eight pounds, but don’t let their dainty stature fool you. These small dogs are tougher than they look. While they are fine-boned, Papillons are amazingly resilient. Often referred to as “a big dog in small dog’s body,” their confidence and assertive demeanor allows them to hold their own when playing with larger dogs. Furthermore, they have a protective streak and a powerful bark. They are eager to defend their property, making them perfect for both urban and residential neighborhoods in the Pomona Park area.

Highly regarded for their friendly and intelligent nature, Papillon’s are becoming more and more popular in North America. Not only is the Papillon a beautiful breed, with its distinguished head markings and erect “butterfly ears,” but they also make perfect park dogs. They love the outdoors and enjoy meeting new people. Owners love showing off their athleticism and trainability. Your Papillon is sure to attract attention in the park with their lightning-fast reflexes and ability to create their own unique games.