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    Daytona Dog Breeder

    Circle L Farms & Kennel has been serving the pet grooming and dog kennel needs of Pomona Park and the surrounding environs for over two decades. In addition to this, our excellent nursery breeds a small, exclusive line of family-friendly, well-mannered dog breeds that are offered with the intent of bringing joy and greater quality of life to individuals, couples and families in florida We favor an approach of quality over quantity and ensure that our nurseries are stocked at a sustainable rate. This allows for optimal health of both parents and their puppies. Furthermore, we provide organic premium nutrition for our nursery dogs, and we go to great lengths to accommodate the unique nutritional needs of our kennel guests as well.

    The history of Circle L Farms & Kennel is a story of slow, steady growth. We started out as a home kennel and spa business in Pomona Park that quickly developed a reputation for exemplary holistic pet care. Soon after, we adopted a beautiful, well-mannered papillon named Macey. We fell in love with Macey quickly and wanted to share our love of Papillons with the world; we chose selective breeding partners for our papillon and slowly began offering a small number of puppies for sale per year. Today, our nursery has grown to include a small seasonal offering of papillons, westies, maltese, & poodles. Both of these dogs are known to be affectionate and well-suited to family life; our terriers are suited to very active families while our papillons poodles & Maltese are slightly less energetic.

    Health Guarantee

    It is part of Circle L Farms & Kennel’s mandate to provide healthy dogs to happy homes for years of love and companionship. Therefore, all of our puppies are examined, vaccinated and treated by qualified veterinarians. Puppies are guaranteed against genetic defects as well as standard early life illnesses (e.g. roundworms). For more information about our Health Guarantee, or to learn more about our nursery, kennel and spa programs, please contact us during regular business hours.

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