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I have been breeding dogs since 1992. I started breeding in Florida where I lived for almost 30 years, where I meet many wonderful people. I have now moved to Arkansas to a very small town called Onia. I have purchased property with my daughter and we now have 83 acers. I thought 5 acers was to much to care for at my age, so here we go again rebuilding kennels and building a repore with new clients. The property is beautiful lots of woods, the dogs are loving it. Since moving here I am now only breeding papillons as they are such a wonderful happy smart and loyal toy breed. I welcome you to my farm anytime.

We were showing our dogs and have finished the males. The pups I kept to show are not showing due to the Covid virus. I know all of us are tired of hearing about Covid, and the problems it has caused all of us. However I feel it is safer for me at my age to stay away and be safe than to show. I do testing on my dogs to insure you get a healthy pup and will show you records if need be. Arkansas does not do health Certificates like in Florida however I will not let a puppy leave my possession without seeing a vet and getting its shots and making sure it is worm free as in Florida. I will still give a one year health guarantee against hereditary and genetic diseases. Doing this helps to protect both buyer and seller and insures you the buyer receives a happy and healthy pup. I never let a pup leave that is less than 2 lbs so when I give you a date of pick up that is dependent on the pups weight. My new pups may not always be on my web site but will always be on my facebook page Circle L Farms & Kennel. Thanks for checking our page and hope to see you soon.

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