Pomona Park Westies Studs

Westies Studs

Circle L Farms & Kennel has been breeding West Highland Terriers in Florida for 15years.  They are a delightful little dog that thinks they are a big dog. Westies are non-shedders but require grooming and brushing. They are very people orientated.  I do recommend that you have a fenced in yard for your Westie puppy to romp and play, as they are very energetic and need plenty of exercise.  They were originally bred to go to ground so some do like to dig. Westies make a wonderful family pet and are good with children. The West Highland Terriers are easy to train and fairly smart. If you think the Westie is a good fit for your family, please come and visit us at Circle L Farms & Kennel in beautiful Pomona Park or call us at 386-649-8568. I will also send pictures upon request. Westies are usually around 10 to 11 inches in height and about 14-20 lbs in weight. They are very sturdy little dogs.  Their life span is 12-16 yrs.